The ParaRoller is unique

  • The ParaRoller is an excellent device when used as a “foam roller” to massage the muscles of various parts of the body (although it is not cushy like a foam roller).
  • The ParaRoller is a PVC pipe wrapped tightly with paracord on the outside surface. This gives the ParaRoller its firm textured surface, its cool colors, and imparts a very good feeling to the person using it as a foam roller.
  • The ParaRoller is extremely durable; it will last practically forever if treated properly. Use the Original ParaRoller indoors, or on a clean surface outdoors. We now also have a ParaRoller made specifically to be used outdoors on the lawn.
  • The ParaRoller is 100% waterproof.
  • You can submerse it in water. Let it dry out completely before using it again. It can be washed. Let it soak in water for a little bit, then scrub it with a brush; most dirt that has accumulated comes off easily.
  • Handcrafted in Easton, PA. USA.
  • You will definitely have the coolest looking “foam roller” of anyone, unless of course they also have a ParaRoller!

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Why a ParaRoller?

  • Most people wear shoes in their daily lives, however shoes can limit the flexibility, strength, and mobility of the feet. Walking/standing on a ParaRoller is especially effective at massaging the feet. If walkiing/standing on the ParaRoller, do not wear shoes.
  • Walking on a ParaRoller is a prerequisite for playing RolleyPulley.
  • Playing RolleyPulley on a ParaRoller encourages core strength, overall body mobility, and maybe more importantly is a whole lot of fun!

Walking on the ParaRoller

Almost everyone thinks they will fall off the ParaRoller if they try to stand on it. They think it is like stepping on a skateboard. It is absolutely nothing like stepping on a skateboard! It is much more stable than that. Everyone who is able to walk with ease in daily life has been able to walk/stand on the ParaRoller the first time they tried! Some people are initially shaky, but they can do it. Perception is not reality when it comes to walking on the ParaRoller. Put one foot on the ParaRoller…and then the other foot. You are standing on it! And it is only 4 inches back to the ground with either foot if you want to get off the ParaRoller.


WALKING on the ParaRoller

OK, you are standing on the ParaRoller — now what? Try to walk forward on the ParaRoller. Then try to walk backward on the ParaRoller. For most people, going backward on the ParaRoller is much more difficult than going forward. You can also use a stick to assist you in walking on the ParaRoller, like in the video above.

Standing/walking on the ParaRoller is very therapeutic for the feet and strengthens the core.

Once you are able to walk forward a few feet on the ParaRoller and walk backward a foot or so on the ParaRoller you will definitely have an advantage when playing the game of RolleyPulley.

HOW do I improve? 

The first time you walk on the ParaRoller, you may only be comfortable doing it for a minute or less. If your feet begin to hurt, you should stop for the day. Then walk on the ParaRoller again the next day or so for a little bit. If you walk on the ParaRoller a few times a week, for a minute or so, you will rather quickly find that you are able to stay on the ParaRoller for longer periods of time. If you keep at it for a few weeks, you will be amazed at how quickly you progress. Many people use “walking forward and backward on the ParaRoller” as one of the warm-ups for their normal exercise routine.