ParaRoller: Gomer Pyle color

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ParaRoller: Gomer Pyle color
19 inches long, 4.75 inches diameter, 3 lbs.
Each ParaRoller is handcrafted in Easton, PA USA.
Each ParaRoller is unique, so the ParaRoller you receive will not have exactly the same pattern as shown in the photo. But the one you receive will look just as cool as the one in the photo!
• The ParaRoller is an excellent device when used as a “foam roller” to massage the muscles of various parts of the body (although it is not cushy like a foam roller).
• The ParaRoller's firm textured surface and cool colors impart a very good feeling to the person using it as a foam roller.
• You will definitely have the coolest looking “foam roller” of anyone, unless of course they also have a ParaRoller!
• The ParaRoller is extremely durable; it will last practically forever if treated properly. Use the ParaRoller indoors, or on a clean surface outdoors.
• The ParaRoller is 100% waterproof.
• You can submerse it in water. Let it dry out completely before using it again. It can be washed. Let it soak in water for a little bit, then scrub it with a brush; most dirt that has accumulated comes off easily.
• Most people wear shoes in their daily lives, however shoes can limit the flexibility, strength, and mobility of the feet. Walking/standing on a ParaRoller is especially effective at massaging the feet. If standing on the ParaRoller, do not wear shoes.
• Walking on a ParaRoller is a prerequisite for playing RolleyPulley.
• Playing RolleyPulley on a ParaRoller encourages core strength and overall body mobility.
• Paracord (nylon), PVC pipe, and the label.
• Do not eat.
• Do Not Burn, otherwise there will be really noxious fumes.