ParaRoller for Grass Surfaces

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ParaRoller for Grass Surfaces
19 inches long, 4.75 inches diameter, 3 lbs.
Each ParaRoller is handcrafted in Easton, PA USA.
• The ParaRoller is extremely durable; it will last practically forever if treated properly. Use this ParaRoller indoors and on grass surfaces.
• The ParaRoller is 100% waterproof.
• If it becomes dirty from use on the grass, the dirt should come off easily using the pressure from a garden hose. Or the whole Roller can be submersed in water. Let it soak in water for a little bit, then scrub it with a brush; most dirt that has accumulated should come off. Let it dry out some before using it again.
• Most people wear shoes in their daily lives, however shoes can limit the flexibility, strength, and mobility of the feet. Walking/standing on a ParaRoller is especially effective at massaging the feet. If standing on the ParaRoller, do not wear shoes.
• Walking on a ParaRoller is a prerequisite for playing RolleyPulley.
• Playing RolleyPulley on a ParaRoller encourages core strength and overall body mobility.